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      Baroness Chakrabarti visits CoLA

      Baroness Chakrabarti visits CoLA

      Students at City of London (Southwark) were privileged to be visited by Baroness Shami Chakrabarti yesterday, Thursday 1 February, addressing our Year 11 students. The Q &A session covered human rights, law & inequality. It was very inspiring to hear a wide range of examples of how Baroness Chakrabarti has used her work to champion civil liberties and upholding the rule of law.

      Dr Jeffery Quaye, Head of School said:

      “The issue of inequality seem rife in our society and reproduction of social stratification has resulted in a huge gulf between the rich and poor. Baroness Chakrabarti’s message resonates with our students and values of creating a better community where each individual is valued and able to contribute positively.”

      A Year 11 student, Mehad Ali commented that:

      “Baroness Chakrabarti is refreshingly humble. I learnt, from what she told us about her life, that the beginnings don’t set up the end; that you don’t have to be privately educated to be in the 100 most powerful women. What transcended from her talk and was applied to my year 11 school life was that it’s not about your surroundings or what you have but rather what you think, how you behave and how much you believe in yourself to become successful in whatever it may be.”

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