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      British Museum Trip

      British Museum Trip

      KS3 Cross-Curricular Project 2018

      We have launched the first wave of our cross-curricular project for our Year 7 & 8 students. The students visited the British Museum this week, where they were giving a series of cross-curricular tasks to complete. They looked at a wide range of artefacts. Where there were museum volunteers available, students had the opportunity to handle all manner of objects, including silver coins from the time of the English Civil war. They also looked at the first paper currency from China. The students produced some excellent work in a very different learning environment and they rose to the challenge. Their behaviour throughout the two days was exemplary.

      The main purpose of the programme is to pinpoint individual learning gaps. Students will be provided with individual home learning packs, with tasks set out by their subject teachers. The focus being to revisit past topics and cement learning.

      In the summer term all the students will be involved in a further cross-curricular arts and craft task to highlight their achievements over the academic year. We will keep you up-dated with their progress.

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