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      Every City of London Academy Southwark student should leave the Academy  prepared for life in modern Britain.

      This means ensuring academic rigour supported by excellent teaching, and developing in every young person the values, skills and behaviours they need to get on in life. The Academy offers high quality, independent careers guidance to our young people who need to be well-informed when making subject and career decisions.

      Our Careers guidance starts in Year 7 with information being given in a programme of assemblies and resources distributed by tutors. The Academy continues to offer guidance for as long as the student needs it.

      Every student has access to the Morrisby programme. Morrisby uses a combination of psychometric assessments and questionnaires to give students an idea of where their strengths and interests lie. After analysing the results, Morrisby offer impartial recommendations for careers and subjects that match your abilities and interests. Using the interactive tool, students can then research careers and every student has  lifelong access to the programme.


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      Southwark Choices - 020 7525 4545

      We work with Morrisby, a fully interactive career and education planning tool. Students are given personalised careers and education advice, helping them to choose options and make informed decisions about study pathways and career opportunities.

      They provide information about apprenticeships, colleges and degree courses (in the UK and Europe) and have a vast database of potential careers including salary expectations and the different routes to employment.

      For more information, click on the link below.

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