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      Careers Guidance

      City of London Academy’s careers education programme helps our students develop the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the working world.

      CoLA Southwark’s careers advisor attends the academy two days each week to offer independent careers guidance through short ‘drop-in’ sessions or more detailed guidance sessions.

      This programme aims to give our students an invaluable head-start to life after the academy. They are taught the skills they need to manage their career and make decisions that shape their future.

      The programme promotes equal opportunities and challenges career stereotypes with particular focus on removing barriers and encouraging students to further their studies to higher education.

      Parents can see the careers co-ordinator or careers advisor and speak to them at parents’ evening. They can also contact the careers co-ordinator by phone or email.

      Careers Education Entitlement

      By the end of Key Stage 3, pupils will:

      • Be aware of the ways of grouping jobs
      • Identify their main occupational interests
      • Understand the difference between impartial and partial careers information
      • Identify which subjects and courses best meet their needs
      • Recognise there are various routes to the same goal

      By the end of Key Stage 4, pupils will

      • Have undertaken a week of work experience
      • Know how to find and use careers information resources and where to access guidance
      • Know post-16 learning options, made a decision on their next step and made applications
      • Considered if they need a back-up plan, and have this in place
      • Know how to prepare for and make effective applications to prospective employers
      • Progress to further education, training or employment

      By the end of Key Stage 5, pupils will:

      • Had opportunities to acquire and develop employability skills
      • Know about post-18 learning options
      • Know how to prepare for and make effective university and college applications
      • Know how to find and use a range of careers information resources
      • Know how and where to access careers guidance
      • Progress to further education, training or employment

      Useful websites


      Useful contacts

      National Careers Service: 0800 100 900
      Southwark Connexions Centre 0207 635 6184
      Faces in Focus 0207 403 2444

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