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      The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE)

      The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE)

      What is the Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) Award?

      The City of London Academy (Southwark) is lucky enough to offer students the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE). The DofE Award is a globally recognised award which has been running since 1956. Students will take part in an exciting and challenging programme of activities to help them reach their full potential, gain employable experiences and strengthen their CV for further education. Students learn new skills, help others, have fun, make new friends and gain a great sense of achievement.

      The benefits of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award

      It is difficult to list all of the benefits, but you should definitely know how much fun the students have, and how much they push themselves to do new things that will help them to grow in confidence and develop useful skills. Bonding with people will inspire the students and lead to lasting friendships. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award can also give you the edge when you apply for college, university or a job.

      Put simply, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award is about helping the students along the path to a productive and prosperous future. As many of our participants say, it is life changing!


      This week (24.09.18), thirty-two City of London Academy (Southwark) students successfully completed the expedition section of their Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

      If you would like to find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, please contact a member of the City of London Academy (Southwark) P.E Staff.

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