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      Our Library is an attractive and welcoming space located at the heart of the school and is very popular with students and staff.
      It is normally open to all students before school starts, break and lunchtimes and after school.
      Students can relax and read a book of their choice, use PCs for homework or research.
      Staff in the library are welcoming and on hand for any questions students may have and are committed to encouraging literacy.
      The Library is well resourced containing over 14,000 books to support students from when they arrive at the Academy to when they leave.  There are also a range of online resources to support their homework and research.
      The Library acquires many new titles that nurture learning, improve literacy skills, opens the imagination and significantly boosts vocabulary.
      The Library hosts events such as World Book Day, Book buzz and soon to come to the library is Accelerated Reader which will enhance reading as each student travels through the Academy. After school clubs are always a favourite in the library.  Library staff also encourage students to run clubs of their own supervised by library staff. This also boosts confidence, encouraging students to make friends and support each other. We also host a number of events for the Academy. 

      Book buzz is an organisation that supply to our library brand new free books for every single student in Year 7 and 8.  
      There is a quiet area at the back of the library for students to read, do homework or if they generally want some quiet time. It also contains a range of 6th Form fiction and non-fiction books and journals aimed at GCSE and A Level which will encourage and develop attitudes to study.
      The Library also offers Year 7 Library Induction Lessons teaching students how to use the library.  Finding books, fiction and non-fiction, using library resources and how students can borrow books for their pleasure.   
      If you would like to know more about our great library then please feel free to send us an email with any questions you may have!


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