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      New Year 12s

      Class of 2018-19 Summer Tasks

      Congratulations on receiving a conditional offer to study at The City of London Academy Sixth Form!

      As you may know already from attending Welcome Day on the 9th July, the summer tasks are an incredibly important part of making the transition from GCSE students to Sixth Form students.  If you were unable to attend the Welcome Day, have lost the tasks or have changed your mind about your subject choices please access them here on this page. The copies of the summer tasks for each subject are readily available to download in the Sixth Form section under Summer Tasks 2018.

      Please make sure to complete all of the tasks for each of your three main subjects (and EPQ if you are in Pathways E or D).  This work will be collected in during the first two weeks of term in September. These tasks will be used to assess your ability to produce quality work independently and punctually and will form a key part of our course suitability transition period. This period takes place during the first five weeks to ensure that students are on the most suitable courses. Alongside this assessment we will also be considering your attendance and punctuality to the Academy as well as your lessons, your attitude to your studies, your organisation as well as your presentation around the Academy i.e. business attire.

      All of the optional subjects have a relevant document with their summer task and can be found on this page. Tasks should be typed using size 12 Times New Roman and must be printed off and handed in. Emailed assignments will not be accepted. The only exception to this is subjects where the task must be written/drawn i.e. Art, Textiles and Maths

      Oxbridge/Medicine/ Pathway Scholarship Fund

      City of London Academy Sixth Form is committed to providing access to all students to higher education establishments. We realise that admission to Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry and Oxbridge are highly competitive and extremely expensive. Our Scholarship Fund is designed to help increase our students’ chances of gaining admission into such programmes of study.

      Students who qualify for the Oxbridge/Medicine Pathway Scholarship Fund

      Students who achieve 7 or more 8-9 at GCSE, who enrol at City of London Academy Sixth Form, are eligible for funding and support in order to help them access University courses such as Medicine, and those wishing to study at Oxbridge. Alternatively, students who by virtue of achieving excellent AS results (94%+ in 3 subjects) will be eligible in their second year for 50% of the fund.

      Such students are eligible for up to £1000 in study support to help them gain admission to the above.


      A student must have achieved at least 7 8-9 grades in GCSE only qualifications

      The student must be studying at least 3 A level qualifications + EPQ

      A student not qualifying in year 1 who achieves 94% across 3 subjects at AS level

      Please note to continue receiving this fund, students are expected to maintain a minimum school attendance of 96% and be on track to achieve their target grades

      Use of Fund

      A student can spend the £1000 scholarship on any activity which supports their admission to a course in Medicine or at Oxbridge. This in all cases must be approved by a Deputy Director of Sixth Form. Some examples (please note that this list is not exhaustive) are listed below:

      to provide access to courses such as Medilink, residential weeks and other related studies

      access Oxbridge and Medicine interview preparation days

      to be able to sit mock admission tests

      small cash payments where it is considered appropriate to do so; for example to top up an oyster card to subsidise travel costs to taster days and meetings with mentors

      to provide with equipment such as text books and further reading which provides greater breadth to course studies

      Application Process

      If you meet the eligibility criteria and are enrolled in our Sixth Form then:

      Visit our school website: to complete an Application Form before Monday 17th September 2018

      The application form includes questions on:

      GCSE grades

      AS Subjects selected in Year 12 or, if Year 13, A2 studies and current grades

      University aspirations and possible course selection

      Career pathway

      How would this fund help you towards achieving your goals?

      Which characteristics make you a suitable recipient of this scholarship?

      How will you be an active member of the Sixth Form community?

      Candidates that have been successful during this first stage of the application process will be shortlisted and proceed to an interview with the Director of the Sixth Form and Vice principal.

      Following interview, up to 10 scholarships will be awarded.


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