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      International Women's Day Event 2019 - We're Greater When We're Equal

      International Women's Day Event 2019 - We're Greater When We're Equal

      Sixth Form students from the City of London Academy (Southwork) were invited to attend a prestigious event in honour of International Women's Day 2019, hosted by Marie Claire, in partnership with Salesforce and United Nations Human Rights. 
      Students Katie, Amber, Bolanle and Bashirat were accompanied by Miss Boyle to the event, where a panel of inspirational women discussed how the UK justice system is failing victims of gender-based violence. The incredible panel included Christina Gavrilovic (Head of European Operations at Justice & Care), Sheryl Nwosu (defence lawyer at 25 Bedford Row and mentor), Sammy Woodhouse (campaigner) and Jennifer Nadel (qualified barrister) as well as guest speaker Hollywood actress and activist Amber Heard. In addition Gina Miller (Winner of UK's most influential black person in 2017 by Powerful Media) also joined the panel to talk about policy reform and ways of improving outcomes for victims of gender-based violence.  
      The panellists had a passionate discussion about the ways in which the UK judicial system could improve in order to provide justice for women who are victims of gender-based violence. 
      Miss Boyle asked the panel how schools could achieve meaningful women's rights education when the culture of many schools is to foster exam results as a priority (and male leadership can sometimes also take precedence in some Schools). Panel members felt that grassroots change is the only answer, that the teaching of gender equality and sex education should be the norm in all schools, alongside academic studies. In the meantime, they argued that outside charities with up to date comprehensive knowledge and activities could take this role, although this could not be relied on forever.
      The students were inspired and empowered by all of the panellists and thoroughly enjoyed this thought provoking event.  

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