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      Year 7 & 8 Enterprise Day

      Year 7 & 8 Enterprise Day

      As part of this year's Enterprise Day, our Year 7 and 8's were set a brief to help develop their enterprising skills, students were required to research, plan and host their own cake sale to raise money for a charity they felt passionate about. Students worked in teams of three to complete a variety of tasks, brainstorming and collaborating to achieve the best possible results against each of their objectives. 

      Tasks included researching products and prices, planning and creating the product, selecting a charity and writing a persuasive speech to market the product and charity. Students baked a number of amazing cakes and sold them to raise money in aid of their chosen charity Cancer Research UK. In total, both year groups raised an amazing £274.40 for a great cause, whilst honing their enterprising skills.

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