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Election Fever Hits CoLA!



Students at the City of London Academy (Southwark) joined with the nation in going to the Polls when they were invited to take part in the Academy’s Election Fever campaign.

Information boards on each political party represented nationally and at the Bermondsey and Old Southwark constituency were on display, with staff and students taking part in lively political debates throughout the day. 

The ‘red settee’ was filled with staff and students, who discussed various issues including democracy, the right to vote, the NHS and education, to name only a few of the hot topics covered.

Students from Year 11 and Sixth Form as well as Staff were sent Polling Cards.  They exchanged the Polling Cards at the Polling Station for a Ballot Paper to complete in the Polling Booths.

The mock Polling Station opened at 8.00am, with voting taking place throughout the day until closing at 4.30pm.  Counting took place and the elected party was the Labour Party, reflecting the result at Bermondsey and Old Southwark on the 7th May.

Faiza Issa, Teacher of Citizenship, said “The students' responses to the event were phenomenal. Many of the students who turned up to vote were informed about the process and were keen to discuss their views on the different political parties. Other students were very interested to learn about the policies of the different political parties by reading the information on display in the Academy Atrium.   Students also discussed the results of Election Fever in the classroom.  Some students were even drawing comparisons between the school results and national results.”