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Merits at CoLA

Here at CoLA, we reward all forms of positive behaviour from our pupils. Students who receive enough merits in class, form-time and around the building are given gold, silver or bronze pin badges to wear on their blazers. Here they tell us what they think of the merit system.

Isaac; “I think I got the most merits from Ms Lydon in Maths, and for coming straight into the lesson and getting started on work straight away. I think the badges are a good idea and show good behaviour has not been for nothing, but we could also have other prizes such as sweets!”

Hikimat says; “My merits are for good behaviour and attendance; most are for good work. I think badges are a good idea as they show people what you have achieved.”

Isha thinks she got her merits from Ms Grey, and Ms Lydon in maths and likes the badges system. She would give people the advice of 'work harder' if they want to achieve a merit badge and not to worry if you don’t get a merit today, you can earn one tomorrow!

Bliss is sure she gained most merits from Spanish and recommends listing to the teacher if you want to earn more merits.

Alusine gained his merits in maths and history and says; “They are a good idea as they show how well behaved you are.”

Why not ask your children what they did to achieve their merits today?