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Walk of Fame

Year 9 pupils joined Tower Bridge and London Sculpture Workshop last month at the launch of the Walk of Fame, a series of bronze plaques across the bridge celebrating ordinary people who have worked at the bridge since its construction.

The pupils created their decorative plaques as part of their Art GCSE, taking inspiration from the Bridge and its intricate details to create their designs. With guidance from artists and crafts-people from London Sculpture Workshop, they constructed wooden moulds and manufactured the plaques.

Here Year 13 student Sara tells us more: "My class and I started the Tower Bridge project in the autumn term of 2016. The project involved creating a disc based on Tower Bridge and the people who worked there.  We were shown old photos of people who worked on the bridge. So we could get an insight into their lives and for us to get to know about them. This gave us inspiration for the design of our discs.  We were also shown pictures of Tower Bridge itself to help our design.

"We traced our finished design and colour coded it to represent the different layers of the final piece.  We then used coloured card for the pieces of the design that would help us to draw in balsa wood.  The balsa wood was used to create the roundel.  When we finished creating our design onto balsa wood it was then taken to the foundry in Woolwich.  I was able to watch my disc being made with my class.  The people in the foundry used bronze to cast the roundel."