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Team News

September ‘14

CoLA Basketball Academy Recruiting Class 2014

What a start to the new academic year and basketball season. The City of London Academy (Southwark) (CoLA) Basketball Academy have an impressive recruiting class that committed to attending.

There are 28 new Basketball Academy attendees taking the next steps on their academic and basketball journey sharing the same common goal of making CoLA Basketball Academy competitive amongst all UK Basketball Academies.

Both Academy Coaches and the Director of Sport are aware that there is a tremendous amount of talent and potential amongst the males and females attending the Academy, with balance and focus being the keys to realistic success both on and off the basketball court for all involved.

CoLA Basketball Academy entered into English Schools competitions at the following age groups:

  • Boys u17s
  • Boys u18s
  • Boys u19s
  • Girls u18s
  • Girls u19s

Games will commence October 2014 with regular updates and reports on the Basketball Academy website.

Player News

London Region u17s Selection

5 players from the CoLA Basketball Academy have been selected to represent London at this years under 17s Basketball England Regional Tournament for Males and Females. Congratulations to the following player for their selection:

  • Ladun Akako
  • Denzel Ubiaro
  • Shaquille Walters
  • Solomon Ilyuomade
  • William Oshinyemi

The regional tournaments will take place on the first and second weekends of September - Female Tournament 6th and 7th September and Male Tournament 13th and 14th September - at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena.

Academy Players selected for England teams

After their regional tournament exploits, three players have been selected to attend the England under 18s basketball camps in preparation for this Summer’s European Basketball championships.

Ladun Akako, who was a member of the winning region for females, has been invited to attend the England under 18s team and under 17s New Horizons Development camp taking place in  October.

Denzel Ubiaro and Shaquille Walters, whose London team finished in 3rd place, have been selected to attend the England under 18s Mens camp.

Kemar Hawes was an automatic selection for the Men’s under 18s camp as he was part of the England under 16s team that got promoted from Division B to Division A this past summer in Macedonia.

Academy players looking forward to the season ahead…

The English Schools basketball season is about to start next month with our players eagerly anticipating who CoLA will be playing in the early group stages. The Basketball Academy have entered five teams into different age groups from u17s - u19s  providing the players with a host of fixtures to fulfil and a chance to display their skills against other Basketball Academies and teams across the country.

Players shared their thoughts on this upcoming school season:

‘Coming into my second year at CoLA and playing in the Basketball Academy is going to be special. With the new players coming in, the demands on and off the court will be tough, challenging but very exciting. I have had a whole year of meeting expectations and demands so I am one step ahead of everyone else, if we do what we are meant to do this season will be fun. I can’t wait.’ - Denzel Ubiaro

‘I am really looking forward to the school season coming up. We have alot of talent at CoLA but we have to make sure that we are constantly working hard and pushing one another’. - Akintola Okiki

‘Balancing my education and basketball will be key for me and all the players because of the expectations that CoLA have of us, as well as our coaches and the expectations we have. I can’t wait’. - Ibiola Oyedeji

‘Balancing basketball and education on such a bigger scale than in secondary school is a tall order and a challenge that will be met head on. I am looking forward to playing with my new teammates, the level of competition for spots will be intense and a challenge we all accept’. - Alei Wol

‘Basketball is going to be different this year. It will be challenging as will the season coming up. We have to remain focused and ready for the challenge. It will be different to what I personally have been used too in the past’. - Kemar Hawes

CoLA Student Athletes of the Month for Sept…

 Alei Wol - Alei has settled in very well  his first month at CoLA. Managing a heavy workload of 4 A - Levels as well as balancing basketball is a tall ask for any Student-Athlete with Alei exhibiting his best efforts on and off the court. Alei has had 100% attendance and punctuality.

 Ladun Akako - Ladun has shown that she has made a smooth transition from Secondary school to Sixth Form. She has displayed impeccable balance with her studies, attendance and commitment to basketball.

October ‘14

CoLA Basketball Academy get first wins….The month of October saw the Basketball Academy get their first wins in various age groups. The under 18s Boys faced Raines Foundation from East London running out 89 point winners, 127 - 38…..The under 18s Girls face Redbridge College getting their first win by an 83 point margin 86 - 3…..Under 18s Boys beat Dulwich College 86 - 57…..Under 18s Girls suffer first loss of the season to National Champions Greig City Academy 54 - 30…..Under 19s Boys get off to a great start beating Greig City Academy 72 - 65…..Under 18s Boys suffer their first loss of the season going down to Hackney Community College 79 - 65.

CoLA Student Athletes of the Month for Oct

 Denzel Ubiaro - Denzel made huge strides on and off the basketball court in the first month of playing setting the tone for what is expected. He had 3 dominant displays in the under 18s and under 19s boys games all resulting in wins and impressive feedback from subject teachers regarding attainment.

 Ibiola Oyedeji - Ibiola has adjusted very well to the demands of Academy Basketball and the balance of her academics. She had stellar performances in the two games played this month leading her team in scoring in both games with a split record of 1 win and 1 loss.

November ‘14

CoLA Basketball Academy play 5 games in November…..5 Academy games this month saw 5 wins. The under 18s girls had an impressive 14 point win vs Clapton Girls 63 - 49…..Under 18s Boys defeated London powerhouse St Bonaventures 84 - 57…..Under 18s Boys had a comfortable win against Harris Beckenham Academy winning 72 - 54…..Under 17s Boys made their home debut in an impressive 93 - 35 win vs Greig City Academy…..Under 19s Boys played Harris Beckenham Academy managing to create separation in the 4th Quarter, winning 62 - 48.

CoLA Student Athletes of the Month for November

 Alei Wol - Alei has received his second Student Athlete of the month award. Keeping up with his impressive start academically, he has managed to maintain the level of maturity and balance required to be a high achiever on and off the court.

 Vanessa Johnson - Vanessa was the standout amongst the girls for November, meeting all academic deadlines ahead of time achieving high marks in class. She also put on an impressive shooting exhibition against Clapton Girls Academy in her team’s 14 point win.

December ‘14

CoLA Basketball Academy enter Xmas break with a win…..Just before the christmas our u18s Boys played against our sister school from the City. In a very one sided affair, CoLA Southwark beat City of London Academy by 46 points 83 - 37….Denzel Ubiaro led the team with 24 points.

CoLA Student Athletes of the Month for December

 Jahmai Smith - Jahmai has made huge strides academically adjusting from GCSE demands to the demands of A’Levels. This was shown through finishing top of his class in two tests achieving maximum marks. This led to increased confidence on the court.

 Rene Moses - Rene has become the model student similar to that of Jahmai. Rene topped three of her classes and made significant improvements with her basketball skills deserving this award.

January ‘15

CoLA u18s beat Chobham Academy…..in a one sided affair the under 18s boys made quick work of Chobham with the game respectively being over at the half. Utilising the bench CoLA ran out 34 point winners….U18s Girls defeat Clapton Girls by 14 points away, led by Ladun Akako with 12 points.

CoLA Student Athletes of the Month for January

 Solomon Iluyomade - Solomon has shown that he has an infectious personality and has developed great relationships whilst coaching some of the younger members of CoLA. As well as maintaining high levels in his academics, Solly has managed to balance basketball as well as he can and maintain a high level of fitness after returning from the Christmas break.

 Ladun Akako - Ladun found ways to improve her organisational skills resulting in managing her time better to balance academics and basketball. The sacrifices she has made have paid off resulting in a more manageable timetable that suits her.

February ‘15

CoLA u18s Girls play in a thriller at National Champions Greig City Academy…..coming up short in a 2 point loss at the buzzer with Ibiola Oyedeji leading the team with 14 points…..CoLA u18s Boys defeat St Bonns led by Denzel Ubiaro and Shaquille Walters with 18 points apiece CoLA win by 22 points…..CoLA u17s host St Bonns and win in convincing fashion led by Shaquille Walters and Amin Adamu with 24 points and 18 points

CoLA Student Athletes of the Month for February

 Shaquille Walters - Shaquille this month displayed an ability to maintain high levels of academic achievement as well as doing the same on the court. Shaquille lead his team in scoring in 2 consecutive playoff games resulting in 2 wins.

 Ibiola Oyedeji - Ibs has shown a remarkable ability to focus on her studies as she has approached exam season as well as trying her best to maintain high levels of attendance to individual and team practises and playing games to a high level.

March ‘15

Playoff Time…..CoLA u17s and u18s Boys have no shows for their playoff fixtures…..CoLA u18s Girls took part in a Dynamik Schools National Quarter Final and fell short by 11 points to Oaklands College 61 - 50.

CoLA Student Athletes of the Month for March

 Alei Wol - Alei campaigned and was voted Head - Boy of CoLA. This was achieved whilst revising for 8 A’Level exams and attending Team Practises and playing games.

 Rene Moses - Rene’s improvements on the court have developed through putting in extra hours working on her skills. She has not allowed for any lapses in her academics keeping to a strict revision plan and timetable.

Head-Boy Alei Wol

Alei led a successful campaign for 3 weeks in March to become Head Boy of the Academy. He gained votes from students across all year groups and delivered a number of direct and powerful speeches in a number of assemblies. His main rival was teammate Mugisha Uwairagie who finished a close second in the voting by a margin of 3 votes. The closest it’s ever been at the Academy.

Well Done Alei…..

April ‘15

The month of April saw 3 Quarter Finals and a semi final take place….U17s Boys faced Greig City Academy putting on an undermanned impressive display beat GCA by an impressive 61 points 102 - 41 lead by Shaquille Walters with 32 points…..U18s Boys faced Hackney Community College in what was a hotly contested narrow 3 point loss with CoLA going down 74 - 71…..U19s Boys faced St Bonaventures and fell short of the victory losing by 2 points 62 - 60…..U17s Semi Final had CoLA play the up north powerhouse Myerscough College with CoLA winning 84 - 38 led by Shaquille Walters and Alei Wol with 21 points apiece and Solomon Iluyomade scoring 18 points connecting on 3 huge dunks.

CoLA Student Athletes of the Month for April

 Denzel Ubiaro - Denzel is in the process of completing all his academic units ahead of schedule. This is a massive testament to the sacrifices he had to make at the start of the year which he maintained as best as he could throughout the academic year.

 Ladun Akako - Ladun has made a commitment to give back to the younger members of the CoLA Basketball community by lending a hand in a few of their practise sessions. This provides massive aspirations for the younger female players wanting take up or continue playing basketball.

May ‘15

CoLA u17s Boys win Dynamik National Schools Final…..Our u17s Boys faced Charnwood in the u17s Schools Final at UEL. The boys put on a strong display culminating in an impressive 13 point win over their Northern counterparts. Led by game MVP Shaquille Walters, who posted a stat line of 26 points 11 rebounds, the boys put on a dogged defensive display ensuring that the Academy wrapped up its first National Title.

   Denzel Ubiaro - Denzel completed his final year at CoLA and is the first graduate from the basketball academy, receiving offers from small colleges in the US. At present Denzel is yet to commit to one of the colleges and is weighing up his options.
   Shaquille Walters - Shaquille was voted Most Valuable Player in the under 17s English Schools Finals leading CoLA past Charnwood College 71 - 58. He finished with 24 points, 11 rebounds. 4 assists and 2 steals.
   Ibiola Oyedeji and  Rene Moses - Continuous effort balancing exam participation and basketball second to none amongst the females.