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The City of London Corporation’s role is looking after the business district around St Paul’s.

It is has an elected body existing for over 800 years. The councillors (known as 'Common Councilmen') do not stand under any political party.

The City of London has one maintained primary school and three sponsored secondary City Academies in Southwark, Islington and Hackney. It also supports three independent schools based in the City.

Trade and craft associations in the City of London companies are known as the Livery; they are unique in number and diversity.

The Livery Companies

The conditions which led to the formation of the guilds have now been overtaken by changes in industry, commerce, and consumer legislation yet still flourish.

Today there are 108 livery companies in the City of London. Our Academy has links with many of the Livery companies below:

The City of London Academy (Southwark) was the first academy sponsored by the City of London Corporation opening in 2003.